Menu-Plan Monday — Slacker edition

This week will be my first full week of being a working mom again.  Last week was a whole pile of crazy since I hadn’thad any time to prepare…but I’m ready this week.  Part of why this week is going to rock my socks so much is because I only have to prepare two meals at home this week….I KNOW!!  It’s like I’m Queen Elizabeth!

Anyway, here is what I will be slaving over this week:

Monday – Salsa Verde Chcken and Dumplings with black bean and corn salad – Initially, monday was supposed to be left over pork tenderloin from last night….but my kids totally decimated that so I had to think fast.  This recipe looks pretty easy and I should be able to do some prep before I head out to work.

Wednesday – Honey sesame chicken with stirfry veggies and sticky rice – this is a crock pot recipe (queue the chorus of angels) and will be the last meal I have to cook for the week!

Some other stuff I’m going to have to tackle this week:

  • Get the oil changed in the car – this is way overdue, it WILL happen on monday…..tuesday at the latest
  • Doctor’s appointment (blah…’nuff said)
  • Pumpkin decorating – my kid needs to decorate a paper pumpkin to express an emotion…we decided to go with happy.  Thank God he didn’t want to go with perplexed or …. constipated or something. equally ambiguous.
  • Make my winter wreath.  I’m sort of excited about this.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

So that’s my slacker week….we all deserve one of those from time to time, right??

Have a happy week!

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