Menu-Plan Monday — Slacker edition

This week will be my first full week of being a working mom again.  Last week was a whole pile of crazy since I hadn’thad any time to prepare…but I’m ready this week.  Part of why this week is going to rock my socks so much is because I only have to prepare two meals at home this week….I KNOW!!  It’s like I’m Queen Elizabeth!

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Agritourism is big business!  The 2007 U.S. Census of Agriculture reported that over 23,000 farms nationwide had provided agritourism services valued at $566 million.  As of 2010, agritourism accounted for approximately $13 million in sales in Virginia alone!  While the farming life sounds great in theory, I’m not sure many of us could manage the everyday reality of the agricultural life.  Heck, I don’t even like mowing my lawn.


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