“Terra Cotta” Pumpkin

For many years I lived in domestic ignorant bliss.  I figured that if I vacuumed once a week or so and cleaned my toilet every once in a while I was doing pretty good.  Yeah, sure, I decorated for Christmas, but more than that?  That was reserved for crazy folks like Martha Stewart.  Then an invitation to Pinterest showed up in my inbox and it was all down hill from there.


Apparently I’m also expect to have Spring Decor and Fall Decor and memorial day decor.  I don’t have everyday decor let alone seasonal decor!  But I am nothing if not up to a challenge!  I embraced my newfound ambition in the best way that I know how, I made a Pinterest board.  There are plenty of really really nice ideas for fall decorating out there, but I wanted to start small.  I decided to try to make these faux terra cotta pot that I found on Dream A Little Bigger.  How cute are those?  it looked easy enough, right?

So I got my little jack-o-lantern pails and I sprayed them with the primer.  Turns out I’m so crafty deficient that I can’t even work stray paint.  Those hoodlums in the movies make it look so easy!  Mine ended up looking a little runny, but I persevered.


It was a lovely sunny day so the paint didn’t take very long to dry before I was off to add some color.  Here’s the thing about color…..I couldn’t find “terra cotta” paint.  I had to go with, what looked like, the next best thing.  It was called “pumpkin”.  If you think that I diidn’t realize the irony of spray paining pumpkins grey and then painting them back to “pumpkin”, rest assured, I did.


So, after a few coats of pumpkin paint of my gray pumpkin I was ready to do some terra cotting…this is where things sort of went off the rails.  I just wasn’t sure how to get that terra cotta look.  I smeared paint around and eventually got something that wasn’t entirely embarrassing.  Finally it was time to add the little white powdery embellishments.    I initially wasn’t going to do this, but in the end figured what the heck?    I Modge Podged and sprinkled and in the end, I think that I came out with something that, while not as nice as the original, isn’t horrible.


On a scale of 1 (molten lump of melted plastic) to 10 (OMG this looks just like the picture on Pinterest!) I’m going to give myself a 7 on this one.  It could have been a little better, but at least nothing ended up on fire.

Have a Happy Friday and enjoy the first weekend of FALL!Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 10.56.09 PM

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