Mom!!! What’s for Dinner?

I must hear that question at least 3 times a day.  Fortunately I always have an answer (and it’s almost never “I don’t know.”) I am a serious menu planner.  In fact, you can see what my family is eating for the month of October right here on Pinterest.

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“Terra Cotta” Pumpkin

For many years I lived in domestic ignorant bliss.  I figured that if I vacuumed once a week or so and cleaned my toilet every once in a while I was doing pretty good.  Yeah, sure, I decorated for Christmas, but more than that?  That was reserved for crazy folks like Martha Stewart.  Then an invitation to Pinterest showed up in my inbox and it was all down hill from there.


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Apple Cheesecake Bars

I have a giant bag of apples and a bunch of cream cheese, if that’s not a recipe for something amazing I don’t know what is?  Pinterest to the rescue!  After only a few happy moments of pinning bliss I found a recipe for Apple Cheesecake Bars at Crazy for Crust.  These little beauties combined a thick crunchy crust with an apple topped cheesecake and a streusel topping.  Need I say more?


Still working through those apples

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Apple Picking

In addition to camping, fall is for Apple Picking!  Here in Northern Virginia we have a whole pile of options for picking our own pomaceous fruit.  My family usually heads out to Markum Virginia to Stribling orchard, but there are plenty of options!
Hartland orchard is also conveniently located in Markum.  Markum-Miller orchard is right outside of beautiful  Winchester VA.  There are plenty more, check out for a full listing.

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Fall Camping

Labor day may bring the end of summer, but it doesn’t bring the end of outdoor fun!  Fall is one of the best times for tent camping!

This weekend the boys and I packed up and hit the wilds of Bull Run Regional Park for some serious communing with nature.  After a full day of school the boys were excited to get some fresh air and even more excited to get the campfire going.  Everyone knows what a campfire means…S’mores!

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